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Did I mention we are a fully regulated telecoms provider? High quality, low cost...

I haven’t really been speaking much or promoting my telecoms service but that is about to change! We are a fully regulated telecoms provider and have implemented our model of disrupting the existing industry with a service that offers what was previously considered an enterprise level phone system to any business of any size – and at a price that is more competitive than the basic service many of these companies had been using. Outside of the incredibly competitive cost, the benefits include: full call recording function (your call may be recorded for training purposes…), voicemail, conference calls, mobile app (extend the functions of your office to your mobile), hold music to name a few. We have implemented our telecoms solution in businesses ranging from small SMEs with in some cases only a business owner, right up to full office blocks with numerous extensions – it gives any business of any size a highly functional telecoms system and at a price I believe beats anyone in the market. Some examples of businesses we have supplied our telecoms service to are in retail, offices, restaurants, factories and pubs.

A recent example or case in point is a travel agency I met with last week. The original purpose of the meeting was to review their payment terminal contracts – we identified savings but during the course of our conversation the owner mentioned his plans to upgrade the phone system. He had engaged (pun intended) with another provider and was quoted in excess of €12,000 for 12 desk phones – this price was to include supply and fit of the phones. Due to the high outlay, he was actually looking to his bank to finance this expenditure. As he said himself – “a huge amount of our business is still over the phone, it’s vital that my staff have the ability to take/make calls on a system we can rely on and with a solution that allows flexibility for routing calls, leaving messages etc.” – for this reason he saw the spend as a critical investment for the business, the existing system was very old and didn’t meet the standards expected today and he knew calls were being missed due to feedback from clients. He had actually investigated pricing wi

th a few suppliers and quotes were all in the same region so he had no reason to believe he was paying more than necessary. He was gobsmacked when I did a ‘back of a napkin’ quote for a system that not only did everything he wanted, but actually a superior system – my quote: slightly less than €3,000, about a quarter of the price.

People are dubious at times when the price is so much less and I always put my money where my mouth is and offer a full refund if they are not happy – I can even allow a trial to prove the quality. I had to of course spec out the full solution and the price ended up being €2,949 – so fell under the €3,000 I quickly estimated on the spot. We are installing this system later in the week across his various locations (which actually include France!) and outside of office hours to ensure minimal disruption. This is an incredible saving – we are not talking a few hundred euro but several thousand and it became a cost that this business could justify without going for finance.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I genuinely am incredibly proud to be able to offer a solution to Irish businesses that helps them save money without any compromise to their services, and in many cases, actually offers them a vastly improved service along with significant savings. There’s a lot to be said for ‘job satisfaction’ and especially when it was born out of a real market need. The challenge that existed in my recruitment business as the celtic tiger ran out of steam has resulted in 1000’s of Irish businesses saving millions of euro over the last 8 years or so. I am delighted to now expand this to the telecoms market, clearly a real need for it too - yet again the name of my business does exactly what it states - saves you money.

Give me a shout to discuss your telecom needs. As I’ve said – it can literally be one deskphone or several hundred, we have the solution for any size of business and I know you will be very surprised at how much you will save. We are rolling this out initially to the Dublin area but that will expand in the coming months.

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