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Inertia, or not moving forward

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A customer I met with last year got in touch with me this week, we had established back around June 2016 that there were potential savings on their payment terminals of almost €4k and another €1k on electricity, so €5k for the year (we hadn’t yet got to compare his gas or telecom rates). I remember at the time he was very impressed by the level of savings available and had planned to get back to me later that day, but I didn’t hear from him. I dropped him a note a few days later to remind him and he replied saying he had meant to do it and would definitely the next day, but again, I didn’t hear back from him. When he called me on Monday (over a year later), the first thing he said was “Ronan, I can’t believe I never got back to you – bloody inertia!” I was going to point out how much he has now lost over the course of the year but felt that would be unfair… He knew himself and it’s a regular occurrence, it’s lower down the list of priorities. Needless to say, he has now taken the few minutes out to sign and from now on, can be happy in the knowledge that we manage this every year.

I understand that businesses need to focus on their core business and that’s why we exist, we take away that pain – it would take considerably longer for a business to try shop around for rates and the chances are, won’t get the best rates either. This is our area of expertise and something we work through incredibly quickly and with professional efficiency. The point in this case is that the businesses just need to take action and not leave it till later or another day because if often just doesn’t happen and they can continue to lose a fortune, be it on electricity, gas, telecoms or payment terminals – in many cases, the whole lot.

Working with us is very simple and an incredibly fast process. I’ve listed in 3 points below how it works and this all typically takes no more than 30 minutes.

> We meet with you, review your utility bills – electricity, gas, telecom, payment terminal etc.

> Evaluate where savings exist (they almost always do)

> Complete paperwork

We then manage on an ongoing basis with absolute transparency on the rates we secure.

Our service costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. I’ve saved a fortune for 1000's of businesses over the last few years, some in the €100's of thousands! I’d say “what have you got to lose”, except that’s probably obvious!

So the question is, would you like to save money in your business? Contact me and find out just how much you can save, it costs you nothing to find out and you could potentially save a fortune.

Call me at: 085 231 9787 / Email:

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