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Stay Connected, For Less...

The Best Value IP Phone System Available in Ireland

The Yealink T21 IP Phone System with crystal clear sound, large display and keypad

5 Phones, 5 Numbers – Delivered & Installed for only €799 (ex. VAT)

Our IP phone system is state of the art with HD sound, a large, vivid back-lit display – ensuring you’ve crystal clear audio and easy to read outgoing and incoming calls. Some of the benefits of this system include...

1. Never miss a call – voicemail system for those moments where you can’t reach the phone or out of the office

2. Interactive voice control allows callers to choose where their call should be directed, giving you the flexibility to direct calls straight to staff, i.e. sales, accounts, customer service. 

3. Full call recording option – record all of your calls 

Conference calls – setup events, meetings, seminars etc.

4. Choice of hold music, keep your callers entertained while their call is directed.

5. Conference call function - people out of the office and you need to have a meeting? - No problem, setup a conference call and ensure everyone is present

This phone system is incredibly versatile and ideal for use in any business, some of our customers include:


  • Restaurants, Cafe's & Bars

  • Retail Stores

  • Legal Offices

  • Factories & Industrial Units

  • Call Centres 

  • Service Stations

Only €59.99 Per Month

Other benefits include:


  • Call recording of all calls - no extra cost

  • 500 Minutes Calls to Fixed or Mobile in Ireland or the UK Per Month

  • Absolutely no maintenance costs

  • Mobile App - Enjoy the Same Benefits on the Go

  • Out of Office Attendant 

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